The Chosen

A civilization built on the ideals of harmony with nature and the teachings of the Enulthien, the Great Whale. Ruled by the elements of air and water, they believe the Vast were responsible for the revolt of nature and the chaos it has since caused to the world at large. The Chosen are attuned to the elements, communing with nature in hopes of balancing out the world before it destroys their civilization.

The Vast

A civilization that lost it's attunement to the elements, the Vast turned to science and technology believing it was the only way to power. They uphold collectivism, which shows in their ruthless control over the elements of fire and earth. With the help of technology, the Vast have discovered a new way of harnessing elemental power allowing them to put down nature's revolt.




By forsaking their Allegiance, betrayers side with the enemy and become hunted by the faction they left behind. The consequences of faction betrayal will affect not only you, but the friends you betrayed. Choose wisely.


The first Betrayer was a man who became jaded by the ways of the Chosen. Finding their desire to re-balance themselves with nature and their desire to find a peaceful solution, he struck out on his own. However, when his elemental awareness began to fade, he found himself without full control over the power he once wielded as a Chosen. However, it wasn’t long until he came across the Vast. Swearing fealty to them, he soon found that he began to acquire a unique control over the elements of fire and earth, while maintaining a very small hold over the elements of air and water. It wasn’t long until he mastered his newly acquired powers and became a force of absolute destruction on the battlefield. To this day, his memory remains and his legacy, the first of the Betrayers, is now a full fledged cult devoted to the ways of destruction and vengeance.


Finding the escalating war between the Vast, the Chosen, and nature to be far too much, a soldier within the Vast army deserted her post believing a greater mission awaited. Her elements of fire and earth were enraged by her act of abandoning the Vast. Plagued by their anger, she sought out a magi aesthete who lived at the base of the Red Peaks. There, she proved herself an ally and someone who wished to rid herself of the wrath of the elements. Over time, she learned to commune with the elements of air and water. She also found that she began to gain control over them through sheer will. It wasn’t long until word spread of the traitorous woman and her ability to control the elements of the Chosen, as well as the elements of the Vast in a minor way. She now leads the Redeemed, training them in the secret arts of elemental ascension, and seeking a way to bring all four elements into absolute balance and end the war between the Chosen and nature.



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Elven-like creatures with slight features; said to be immortal and the original race created by Enulthien, the Great Whale. Best known for their natural affinity with the earth and forests. Their floating city is the prize of their race, known as Innon.


Shamanic nomads found within the mountains and valleys of the Red Mountain region of Ever, the middle continent; known for their ability to shapeshift in order to adapt to the natural climate in which they dwell in. Of all the races, they are the most reclusive and highly resistant, if not hostile, to outsiders. They worship a pantheon based on the notion that everything in nature is alive and has a true name.


Mysterious race that made their home in the Dwen, a region of airy mountains formerly known as Tyre's Peak. Natural affinity with sand and storm, though they keep their magical knowledge and esoteric understanding of the magic to themselves. Known for their hatred of humans and vespers, who they believe to be an inherent evil wrought about by the First War, much to the dismay of the academic scholars of the current era. When seen out in the open, they tend to wear masks to cover their faces, as is tradition among their kind when dealing, much to their chagrin, with the outside world. Though not inherently Chosen, many of them side with the Great Whale's faction due to economic reasons.


The most widely known race of Mekria; widely adaptable and prized in their ability to survive almost any situation or atmosphere. They were created by Enulthien, the Great Whale, during the First War, after the races were nearly wiped out when nature itself rebelled against the world around it.


The Azritek are an amalgamation of weapons, science, and magic brought together to create something both horrific in battle and bizarre in their own society. Regardless of the race they were prior to undertaking their oath, they resemble machines and flesh merged together to create weapons of pure destruction in the battle field. During the First War, the Pyrae and humans started the movement to take up machine and magic in order to fight against the pending doom of nature and kin. In the end, they created an entirely new race that, to this day, is hated by the Chosen and feared by the majority of races within the Vast.


Of the nomadic Kraetor race, where segregation from the other civilizations was a constant battle, there were a group of Kraetors that were pulled to the philosophies and power of the Vast. These Kraetors, choosing to side with the Vast, gave up their nomadic and shamanic ways in return for power over the elements of fire and earth. Though the Kraetors have retained some of their original shamanic beliefs that the elements are alive and that all things in nature are bound to one another, the Kraetors believe that this balance must be maintained through force. They believe that the balance of the world must be maintained by the chosen few, and the Kraetors are vehemently of the opinion that such a chosen few lays within the embrace of the Vast.


Mysterious race that made their home in the Dwen, a region of airy mountains formerly known as Tyre's Peak. Natural affinity with sand and storm, though they keep their knowledge and esoteric understanding of the magic to themselves. Those who've sided with the Vast tend to remain unmoved towards those of the Unnamed who've sided with the Chosen. Their laws prevent them for attacking each other outside of the battlefield. However, that hasn't prevented more auspicious “accidents” from happening from time to time.


The most widely known race of Mekria; widely adaptable and prized in their ability to survive almost any situation or atmosphere. They were created by Enulthien, the Great Whale, during the First War, after the races were nearly wiped out when nature itself rebelled against the world around it. The humans who side with the Vast show an open hostility towards those who side with the Chosen, both factions believing the other is responsible for the atrocities brought about by the First War.


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Graced by Enulthien, the Great Whale, with the ability of pre- and post-sentience, they are the seers and the priests of the Chosen. By attuning themselves with the element of air and the magic, they attain a sense of peace and stillness that is highly prized by their peers. Though not difficult to be accepted into their flock, the true difficulty lies within attaining the pure mind that is needed in order to truly tap into the absolute power of the magic.


Prior to the First War, the belief that one's ancestors would protect the family and the land was widely upheld. Shrines were erected and a young child was chosen to commune with the ancestral spirits of their family. As they grew in power and connection, using their bodies as mediums to the spiritual plane, they came to understand the great power that their ancestors would bestow upon them during their times of need. After the First War, only a handful remained, as death and destruction reduced many families to dust and ash. Those who did remain slowly rebuilt each shrine they came upon, renewing the pact between Ancestral and the spirits in which they confided.


During the high renaissance of Innon, the Magi was both celebrated and revered for the feats of power they were able to accomplish. The floating city of Innon itself is attributed to the combined efforts of 1000s of Magi who pulled their will into one, in order to prevent the forces of nature from destroying their prized city. Magi are capable of attuning to both elements of air and water, though some choose to attune themselves wholly to one or the other. The benefit of doing so can be seen quite clearly when they step onto the battlefield. However, those who attune themselves to both elements, balancing them within their own bodies, are said to be far more versatile. Unlike their cousins, the Azriteks, they also revere the powers they wield, attributing them to the Great Whale's blessings and offering themselves as tribute in order to attain their power.


There was, at one time, a vast army that protected the city of Innon and the races. They called themselves the Enlightened. Using blade and shield, they were a force on a battlefield that oftentimes pulled or pushed the direction of victory. It wasn't until the First War that the oracles confided in Annyura (Aine-yuu-rAH), the Marshall of the Enlightened, telling her of a way to better face the threats of nature in which they warred against. By linking the spirit of an enlightened with that of a companion, an animal, the bond would result in a powerful combination of primal senses and the brute force of the enlightened. What resulted was an enlightened soldier given the spiritual combination of the totems of war; wolf, tiger, and stag. By attuning themselves to a totem, they take on the physical and mental powers of that totem and unleash a powerful assault on an unsuspecting target.


The Sylvega were the originators of those who practiced the arts of communion with tree, bush, and trail. They understood the darkest places of the forest and were able to provide for their communities with an ease and finesse that was oftentimes admired. They revered nature and, because of such, were oftentimes the providers for their small communities. When nature rebelled, they were blamed for it. Outside races thought they had done something horribly wrong that caused nature to revolt. Most Sylvega will always disagree, as the night nature revolted was during their celebration of the Three Suns, when all three of Mekria’s suns are equal distances from each other and remain in the sky for two days and three nights. However, regardless of who was responsible, it was the Sylvega who suffered the largest casualties and had most of their communities either completely wiped out or left in ruins that were beyond repair. The Forestal way never died though. Instead, it carried on as they tried to understand what went wrong and why nature revolted and attacked those who had cared for and loved it for as long as the Sylvega could remember. In recent days, Forestals still retain their connection with nature and are extremely adept at ranged combat and, when pushed, can take up arms to devastate opponents in a fury of daggers and stealth. They are lethal and stealthy fighters who hide in waiting for their prey and strike with a swiftness that is almost supernatural. By forging a bond with either air or water, they gain abilities that either grant them lethal attacks with bow and arrow or enchant their blades to seek out an opponent's weak points.


After the First War, those who were once oracles that had sided with the Vast found themselves cut off from Enulthien's grace. Using science and magic as one, they created their own form of divinity with the aid of the Teknik. By attuning themselves with the elements of fire and earth, they developed a power that is far more destructive than that of the Chosen's oracles. However, by doing such, they also risk something as the “dusk”, where their very essence is depleted. The worst case scenario of the dusk is that the liturgist's body is left as a shallow shell, barely living and without conscience or consciousness. All liturgists are trained to avoid this, but sometimes, a sacrifice must be made in order to ensure the victory and the survival of the Vast.


Ancestrals who turned their backs on both their ancestors and the practice of Ancestralism have become to be known as Necromancers. By bending the will of the dead body and forcing a spirit, be it of rock, fire, or other, they are able to cause a small army to rise in a matter of moments or they are able to force an already living body to experience the pains of death and decay. Rarely, however, do they choose to force life to die, as that could anger the magic that rests within their own chosen element of earth. Should they choose to anger their chosen element, a price must be paid and is always decided upon by the elemental forces around them prior to obtaining the power needed in order to force their will on the body of another.


During the First War, the group of races who chose to pursue the belief that they were not play-things of the divine began to tamper with science and machine. This meant a grave sacrifice of sorts; in order to attain power, they had to lose something of their own. Thus, the class of Teknics was born. In order to become a Teknic, the forearm is plunged into a burning fire, which completely disintegrated. The act is a grueling and sadistically slow process intended to root out those who are too weak to wield their destructive power. This initiation has caused many would-be Teknics to shy away from the power that these strange amalgamations of machine and flesh boast. However, those that do undertake the oath gain a new arm that is both machine and magic. By attuning the arm to either earth or fire, or both, they are able to wield a destructive power that is both awe-inspiring and horrifying at the same time. During the First War, it was the Teknics that destroyed most of the Greensea Forest by focusing their power into one massive, obliterating wave of fire and earth.


Harbingers have had an ill standing within Mekria since the dissemination of the spirits. Over time, the Harbinger bond with nature waned and weakened. What initially started out as a clan within the chosen faction, soon found themselves staring down the blade of their allies. The Chosen believed that these mighty warriors had betrayed the spirits and were hunted down as the forsaken. The Harbingers were brought to their knees by the might and strength of Chosen alliance. On the verge of defeat, Maytch Weven stumbled upon the Azritek, a people that had forsaken the spirits, using machines to dominate their enemies. Maytch formed an alliance with this unknown people, subjecting himself to the trials of the Folpos. With Maytch’ transformation complete, he wielded destructive power so fierce that nature had declared war against the newly created clan. And thus the Harbinger was born, they were identified as ambassadors of pure destruction and chaos.


There were a group of Forestals who fled the witch-hunts that came from the other races, shortly after nature revolted. Instead of trying to help the other races understand what happened, they chose to break away from their forests and their communion with their beloved bush and tree. By destroying this age-old bond, they found a new power with the aid of the Tekniks. They were taught how to harness the elements of fire and earth, while marrying their abilities to hide in plain sight and their finesse in hand-to-hand combat. They gained the power to meld their bodies with the earth at their feet and travel short distances in just a blink of an eye. However, when they pair themselves with the earth at their feet, the magic within them cries out for the bond all Dark Arts Assassins have forsakened. Thus, a price is paid. Regardless, they are said to be the best of assassins and the most ruthless and relentless. When they set their eyes on a target, it is said that target will die. Even if the assassin must sacrifice their own life to make it happen.