DEV UPDATE - 7/7/17

DEV UPDATE - 7/7/17

July 7, 2017

Welcome to an overdue update for Mekria Online. We have been silent over the last few months with our heads down designing and developing. Our team has been hard at work creating content for the game... Additionally, we have been optimizing our animation pipelines for our player classes and NPCs.

We have been focusing on animating the Dark Arts Assassin (DAA) for the Vast Faction.

Male and Female DAA will have unique individual animations for their guard, dodge, and gap closer. This will provide a slightly different experience as it will affect animation times and combat (for those of you concerned with milliseconds).

Additionally, we have been creating armor sets to be applied to the characters using a modular inventory system. This will provide unique customization to a player's class, as each type of armor will affect the way a character is modified (look forward to an article in the future regarding the impacts of armor). Regarding content: the team is developing several lush environments with dynamic weather systems. Players can expect to see "Stone Script Forest", "The Great Expanse", and "Two Maidens Pass" as playable zones in the Alpha.

The illustration team has also made great strides since our appearance at PAX South 2017. We had a lot of great feedback from players of all genres, and we're very excited to showcase our progress! We'll be providing lore for each of the races as well as some sneak peaks into the art direction our team is taking. Players will be introduced to individual view points of each of the factions as we move closer to a playable Alpha.

As we push forward with the development, we'll be rolling out incremental updates to the closed alpha; with each update, there'll be a new piece of functionality, class, or zone to explore. We'll have more details to come as we get closer towards the end of 2017.


As we emerge from the darkness and rejuvenate our pasty white skin to something more akin to normal skin tone, we'll be providing monthly updates on the teams progress. Please keep in mind that these will not always be exhilarating leaps of triumph, but rather micro-adjustments to our 3D models, illustrations and design paths. It is our goal to be open and transparent with our readers, with the hopes of building genuine support from gamers of all genres.

Make sure to check back in with more updates to come!

Matt "Mathiesin" Wells