DEV UPDATE - 8/16/17

DEV UPDATE - 8/16/17

August 16, 2017

Welcome to the August update for Mekria Online. We're excited to go over a few of the things our teams have been working on over the last 4 weeks! 

Race Reveal: Vesper

We've been hard at work on our human race for the Chosen and the Vast, creating characteristics that provide a unique aesthetic depending on your faction choice.  As we continue to move forward, the team has begun to work on the more unique playable races within Mekria Online. We're excited to reveal a first pass of the Vesper, a winged, avian race that has strong ties with the elements of air and storm. They are masters of the bow and arrow, as well as divination and misdirection. The Vesper align with the Chosen, proving to be skilled warriors against the Vast. The animation team is currently working on the model rig for animation and skills, as well as a unique glide mode for the Vesper race. As we continue to develop and design the Vesper faction, we'll reveal lore behind the race and how they came to align with the Chosen. Players will find an intriguing story that sets the Vesper apart from the decision points that many of the other factions made, and the results of those choices.

Kin Faction and Animations

With basic MOCAP animations nearly complete for the Dark Arts Assassin (DAA), our animation team has begun to focus on one of the large world bosses called the Kin. The Kin play a significant role in the story and lore of the game, affecting players during major-scale PVP battles over resource pylons. The Kin will focus down on the player-base's dominating faction to ensure PVP balance is in place. This creates a unique, dynamic decision-point for enemy players in PVP. Players will have to strategize as they engage each other for rare resource pylons in the world of Mekria. Additionally, players will come across Kin that have adapted to their Ecosystems, making them particularly deadly based on your class' elemental alignment. Players will experience a multitude of dynamic encounters with the Kin that will test their skill.

Armor: Light vs Heavy

In our previous update, we had informed our readers about a unique and dynamic armor system that will affect the play-style of a character. Mekria will be implementing a functional armor system that drives purpose behind a user’s play-style, as well as addresses the unpracticality of fan service in unreasonable situations.

Armor can be mixed and matched from four tiers, each having a unique set of characteristics that change how a class is used:

• Cloth
• Leather
• Chainmail
• Plate

Cloth Armor: Light armor that will have a primary focus around attack speed and acrobatic capabilities to avoid taking damage or capture. The armor is focused on nimble, swift attacks, meaning that coverage and defense is next to none. Players will be able to move faster than their peers wearing heavier armor sets making them excellent for closing distance on the battlefield, or strategic planning as a forward observer.

Leather Armor: Leather offers more defense with slight loss to attack speed and acrobatic capability. This provides slightly higher survivability, while offering more coverage and defense from attackers. Players will move slightly slower than their cloth counter-parts, but fast enough to avoid heavy damage from their tankier enemies. Leather is great for being able to strike fast and maintain during a lengthy encounter.

Chainmail Armor: Players take on a more defensive role with chainmail, losing attack-speed and acrobatic capability for more damage and higher defense. With more power behind each attack, players will move slower and attack slower. This makes timing a factor when engaging your enemy, especially of the lighter variety. Players will experience much slower movement speed, meaning arrival to the battlefield is a time-sensitive matter. Expect to see players wearing heavier armor at the forefront of most engagements.

Plate Armor: Receiving significant amounts of damage isn't an issue for the heaviest armor set in the world of Mekria Online. Players wearing plate have a significant defense boost, as well as damage output with the trade-off of slow movement speed and no acrobatic capability. With the high defense and damage output, players will be able to literally butt heads with the biggest, baddest beasts within Mekria. Plate wearers will be difficult to take down, unless you're fast and can avoid the overwhelming damage output.

What to Expect: 

With the animation team knee deep in MOCAP and animation refinement, you can expect to see Vast Human race as a Dark Arts Assassin which will be a partially playable class in our Alpha. We're also well on our way to showcasing the Chosen Vesper as an additional playable race. Our fans will also get to see basic HUD and UI functionality, as well as experience our dynamic armor system in play. It has a ways to go, but the basic functionality is there. Additionally, we're excited for you all to close out the Alpha with an unexpected and swift demise from our guest-speaker, and Mekria Terraformer: Miasma Kin! Urgh... we meant bravely defeat the threat of the realm and save the world blah blah blah... lets face it, you're doomed.... Have fun!!